Why All The Weight Loss Diets And Pills Are Misleading…

Ever notice the trend when something new comes out that is touted as THE weight loss secret?images

There is always something new that comes out.

Some new herb or fruit. Or some new diet, cleanse or detox.

The companies that sell these products make millions of sales every year.

They even get famous well-known people and doctors to promote these products, which sell even more.

So do these diets and pills actually work?

My answer is… they can, yes.

So why aren’t millions of these people losing weight and getting in their best shape?

Why are we gaining weight and why is diabetes and heart disease on the rise?

Well I’ll tell you…

Because you are being mislead into thinking that’s all you need.

Unfortunately that awesome diet and that magic pill do not do something else for you.

They don’t take away the stress, they don’t make life easier and they don’t give you more time.

You see…I’m on the frontlines of this war with weight gain and stress.

The two most given reasons when someone comes to me as to why they gained weight is stress and time.

We’re under constant chronic stress and constraints, there’s just not enough time to get things accomplished with kids and work.

So you may have bought these diets out there and bought the special magic metabolism herb, but you’re still at square one.

It’s not your fault.

You’ve been missing the magic ingredient, NOT the magic pill.

That magic ingredient is two words…

Strength and focus.

Clear mental focus and an inner strength that keeps you there.


There’s a diet out there called, The Elimination diet.  Well it’s time to eliminate a lot of the “noise” in your life. That “noise” creeps up on you and will invade your focus and inner strength.  This will help you manage the stress better.


Here are a few ways to eliminate the “noise” in your life.

  • Ask yourself this question everyday, “How can I do it better?”  With anything like work, relationship, health and fitness.
  • Read a book that will make you smarter.
  • Ask your spouse to take turns giving each other some alone down time.
  • Take pride in your work but don’t take it home with you.
  • Decrease your exposure to electronics like your phone, computer and TV.
  • Soak up some sunlight.
  • Avoid negative people.
  • Get around positive people.
  • Go for long walks.


That’s it for now! Till next time my friendsJ