Where’s Your Inner Warrior Child?

What happen to your inner warrior child?images-1

I ask that question because you used to be a warrior.  You used to get dirty, run around for hours and get into new things.

You were creative, got excited about the little things and besides being in complete darkness…had no fear.

Somewhere along the road to adulthood, we started to lose our warrior ways.

Now we’re letting the “noise” creep up on us much more frequently.  The “noise” of worry, fear, negativity, distrust and anger.

We worry now about our own kids, the economy, our jobs, bills and the world we live in.  We fear leaving our comfort zones, leaving our jobs we hate for something better, we fear failure.  We listen to other people’s negativity and sometimes can’t get away from it.  Over the years through certain experiences we don’t trust as easy.  We even begin to distrust ourselves at times.

That’s not the warrior we once were.Perfect-Air-Squat



What if we can bring back that warrior child from the past?


When you were a kid and you learned how to swim, the deeper water was a scarier place but you went there anyway.  Swimming seemed impossible but you faced your FEAR and did it anyway.  Drowning was a possibility but you TRUSTED your instructor.

Now you can swim.


Also when you were a kid, getting on a bike with just two thin tires and balancing seemed crazy.  However, the warrior inside you didn’t want to fall behind from the rest of the kids who were having fun riding bikes.  So you TRUSTED your dad, mom or whomever taught you to ride, but MORE importantly you put your fear of falling to the side when it was time to ditch the training wheels and TRUSTED YOURSELF.

Now you ride.


What else do you wish you could do?

When you were a warrior child, you had many wishes and jumped on the opportunity to make anyone of them come true.

Now as an adult you have the ability to make things happen.


Find your inner warrior child and start dreaming, start creating, put your TRUST in someone who will push you to ride again and FACE YOUR FEARS head on.