What can happen in a second?

What can happen in a second?time


There’s a lot that can happen in a second.

Sometimes we take each second for granted. Think about this for a second (no pun intended).


Have you ever had something happen to you in a split second?


Seconds become precious when something amazing happens at the snap of a finger.


On the flip side of that coin a second can feel like an eternity when something tragic happens.


What I do know is we take seconds for granted until something happens in our life that either speeds them up or slows them down.


In a second we can lose a loved one.


In a second we can come up with a game changing idea.


In a second we can get hurt.


In a second we can notice someone’s beauty.


In a second you can get a bad phone call


Or in a second you can get that call you’ve been waiting for.


In a second you can have a great orgasm.


Or in a second he can and disappoint you. lol


In a second you can get a craving for ice cream.


And in a second you can beat your best time.


As you can see, seconds are our most valuable and sometimes scariest times. They either speed up or slow down. We can perceive these seconds of our life in different ways.


Some seconds in your life you will never forget. I remember the second I kissed a girl for the first time. I also remember the second I got the news that my father was terminally ill.

Some seconds you wish that you could take back. Like the second the cops bashed down my door and arrested me.


Hopefully you live life with not wishing to take the seconds back, but live it with no regrets. Today I have decided to live each second with a purpose. To try and cherish the important seconds like when my nieces tell me they love me, or someone thanks me for helping them change their life by adopting a new healthier lifestyle.


Those are the seconds in life that count and go by way too fast. Create those seconds in your life. Those seconds will add up to be important time in life that you don’t get back.


Time is our most precious gift and it comes down to seconds.


Greg Crawford