Focus On The Mind and The Body Will Follow

Where the Mind Leads the Body Follows

There are many who believe there is no connection between the physical and the mental. Many, especially those involved in scientific studies, refuse to acknowledge what they cannot measure. They try to look at the human body a marvelous machine, which it is, but even these people, when pushed, will admit that human emotion and belief has a profound effect on how this machine we inhabit performs. Thankfully, this mode of thinking is slowly passing and a great deal of research is now being performed on the mind, body, spirit connection.

Broken Heart Syndrome (Stress Cardiomyopathy)

A case in point is what is called Broken Heart Syndrome or Stress Cardiomyopathy. It is very common to hear people speak of being broken hearted or heart sick and many have been said to have died of a broken heart. Until recently the main stream medical industry scoffed at such statements. If a patient came in experiencing just tightness and pain they ran the standard enzymes test for a heart attack and when it came back negative they chalked it up to hypochondria.

Now it has been found to not only be true that great stresses, especially the loss of loved ones, can indeed create not only the symptoms of a heart attack but does indeed cause a change in the physical state of the heart itself. The lower sections of the heart become enlarged giving it a bell shape.

How or why this occurs is still the subject of great debate but what cannot be denied is that it is prime example of a person’s mind directly affecting their physical well being. People want to die so the body starts the process.

Laugh Therapy

Another excellent example of the connection between the mind and body is found in Laugh Therapy. The simple acts of laughing and smiling have been found to have a profound effect on a person’s physical health. Laugh therapy is being used to help treat a multitude of disorders ranging from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) to cancer.

The basic premise is of humor therapy very simple by being happy and showing it you lower your stress levels, boost your immune system and help keep you body in a more natural and balanced hormonal state. The overall health effects of just being happy are truly extraordinary.

The Mind Leads

Where the mind leads the body follows. Hypochondria has been a common, recognized disorder for decades but what is just now beginning to be understood is that, some how, the belief becomes the fact. It is possible to worry yourself sick. It is also possible to help yourself stay healthy simple bye utilizing the power of your mind.

It is said that 80-90 % of our brains power is utilized on a subconscious level. Whither we realize it or not the subconscious mind is where most of our decisions are made. It is that part of our minds that keeps us alive and has the greatest impact on how we perceive both ourselves and the world around us and it has the greatest impact on our behavior.

The good news is that while the subconscious has a great deal of control over our behavior, we can also exercise control over it. With effort and guidance it is possible to reprogram your subconscious mind; meaning that you can gain control over your health and your behavior.