About The Brain Detox Diet


5 tell tale signs you need a brain detox is if you suffer from:

1. You are hyper-sensitive

2. You tend to make poor decisions

3. You engage in emotional eating

4. You feel burnt out

5. You lack focus and motivation


I know right off the bat you can pick out at least one or two of the above that are currently affecting you.  I know I can.  That’s why it’s going to be very important for you to absorb the advice I’m going to give you.  You can continue to revisit the brain detox to keep yourself grounded on your future path.  If you could tap into someone's mind and change their way of thinking, that's how you get them to change their habits and ultimately change their body.  It’s not just by receiving the information, it’s really about tapping into the subconscious mind, which is our programmed way of thinking that ultimately controls our actions. Right now it may be automatic for you to turn to food when put in a situation where you’re stressed or emotional.  If you can improve your subconscious thinking, you'll improve the automatic action on how you make choices and live your life. Fitness professionals and nutritionists don't think about that, they just give you the information and expect you to change. Think about how powerful your subconscious is.  There might be events from your past as a young child that still effect how you react to certain situations.  Maybe it was a parent who was afraid to let you take chances or take risks, so now you get stuck in your comfort zone.

Before you can commit to a serious diet, you first must detox the brain and follow the advice laid out for you.  The hard truth is that no diet is going to work unless your brain is hardwired to be focused and clear on its goal.  This is exactly what the brain detox is going to do for you: clear out the “noise” and get you programmed to make the right decisions in your life, especially when it comes to eating.

We live in a toxic world right now surrounded by things that are toxic to our minds and toxic to our bodies.  If you want to become a motivated, laser sharp focused, LEAN machine, then follow this plan I have outlined for you NOW.  I developed this idea, or what I would like to call a movement, to give you the tools you need to detox the brain as well as the body.  I believe in helping you to be your best from the inside out.  Everything is connected.  Often life and healthy habits work parallel with each other.  The health of your body can be a direct reflection of what's in your mind.  If we can improve your thoughts and feelings, then I believe the body will follow.