21 Ways To Stay Positive With Your Thoughts

Not too long ago I wrote an email about how your thoughts are physical.think-like-a-proton-and-stay-positive-3

I read a book that opened me up to that idea from a scientist names Dr. Candace Pert.  Just to re-cap,  Dr. Pert discovered that your thoughts are real, physical things.  She found that every thought produces a unique neuropeptide, which is an amino acid produced by our hypothalamus part of the brain.

Every time you have a thought, your hypothalamus “translates” that thought into billions of neuropeptides that are associated with the thought and emotion you are experiencing.  Then your bloodstream is flooded with billions of these neuropeptides, which literally becomes a molecular messenger of thoughts and emotions.

Ok enough of that mumbo jumbo..

So how do we keep our thoughts positive MOST of the time?

Here’s 21 ways: (I’ll start from the minute you wake up to when you call it a day)

  1. Meditate or just sit quietly when you first get up. Do NOT go to your phone or the news right away.
  2. Read for 30 minutes on books that inspire you and give you hope and clarity.
  3. Do NOT check emails or your online bank account right when you wake up.
  4. Give yourself time to make a healthy breakfast.
  5. Write one big goal of the day and two small goals.
  6. Listen to good music or an audio book on your way to work.
  7. If someone just wants to complain to you, acknowledge them and then immediately let them know you can’t talk right now.
  8. If someone is always negative around you, ask them what is good right now. Throw them off.
  9. Imagine you are wearing invisible armor. Stress and problems bounce off you so you can think clearly to solve them.
  10. Go exercise or walk everyday.
  11. Take your vitamins. Being off balance with nutrients can effect your moods.
  12. Eat a cleaner diet. Pay attention to what’s processed.
  13. Find your escape. Daily escapes and weekend retreats.
  14. I will mention read books by smart people again!
  15. Don’t get caught up in other people’s “stuff”
  16. Turn off the news and most of the reality TV.
  17. Do something completely different at night like play cards or a board game. Build a puzzle or create something.  Keep your mind busy on a fun task.
  18. Take in more nature somewhere in your day. Just breathe and appreciate it.
  19. Don’t handle issues with anger. Anger will cloud your judgement.
  20. Believe in yourself more. Increase your faith in whatever it is you believe. 
  21. Don’t get caught up in the “what if’s”.  Get caught up in the “what now”.


This is the same advise I give myself.